Posted by: seymourbuttes | March 19, 2011

Little something to make myself laugh

I kill so many tracks niggas call me the murderer, I’ll kill your bitch make it like nobody ever heard of her, smack you in the face so hard all you can say is Der Der, have you breathing out a tube, Fuck your sister in the ass no lube, come back for ya throw ya body in the danube, pull some ice man shit like I’m crazy, cuz all my life people callin me lazy, call my homies up smoke a dub drink a cup, act like nothin happened all I say is whattup, cops come knocking and all I say is shut up, batter up batter up send the next nigga in, I’ll slaughter every motherfucker til my name is jaoquin

Pussy ass bitches always talking bout the “game”, all you niggas gotta know is that I’ll put ya ass to shame, give it a few ima have my 15 minutes of fame, comin up behind you motherfucker move I’m in the fast lane, these faggots talkin tough bitch I’ll call you gi Jane, that’s right I’m talking a big game, which brings me back to the point where I Fuck your brother with a cane, that’s right I’m nowhere near sane, pigs coming to lock me up its ok motherfucker ima plead insane, that’s cuz all you other rappers bitch about makin it rain, bitch I make it pour, like I just bagged a huge score, then I’ll hit up the strip club like titties galore, nahh I ain’t big like those cats in jersey shore, but ill still Fuck a nigga up like I own a gun store, then I’ll Fuck ya momma just like a common corner whore


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